On Cala Brandinchi beach in front of I Giardini, those seeking sport activities can rent pedal boats and kayaks, and also a motorboat to explore hidden picturesque coves. The sea in the area is a paradise for snorkelers: the water in the bay is shallow and you can explore the sea bottom using a snorkel mask and diving in apnea. The waters are characterized by the presence of Posidonia Oceanica, which is not algae but rather an aquatic plant that detaches from the bottom and then washes to the shore brought by the current. Not far from Cala Brandinchi you can explore the seabed of the island of Tavolara, the depth is about 40 meters. The area is very attractive for tourism and underwater activities which are considered safe to maintain the delicate eco-balance of the Protected Area. The area is also a destination for bird-watchers, thanks to the variety of birdlife in the area: flamingos, knights of Italy (black-winged stilt), herons and ducks.

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