I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi

Immagine Cala Brandinchi

A dream beach close to San Teodoro, with very fine white sand and turquoise water: This is the landscape that offers Cala Brandinchi! One of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, made even more unique by I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi.

Thanks to its wonderful colors, its sea is often compared to that of Polynesia. Therefore, Brandinchi is also known by the name of “Piccola Tahiti.

Relax lovers will find umbrellas of wild heather and sunbeds aligned on a pleasant carpet of green grass, a stone’s throw from the shoreline and surrounded by fruit trees and secular olive groves: I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi.

Thanks to the shallow water and its transparency, this beach is particularly suitable for families with children. Moreover, in the north of the beach there is the bar of I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi that offers all the Services necessary to best enjoy the holidays.

The marine protected area of Tavolara

Area Marina protetta Tavolara

The beach of Cala Brandinchi is surrounded by a lush and wild nature that makes the landscape of the Tyrrhenian side enchanting. I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi overlook the homonymous beach that is part of the marine protected Area of Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo, an area of great interest for flora and fauna, both on land and in the sea.

In 1997 the area of Capo Coda Cavallo has become a protected area, which includes the area that goes from the pond of S. Teodoro to the three defined areas of special protection: the island of Tavolara, Molara, and Molarotto.

On the line of the horizon stands the profile of the island of Tavolara, a scenographic view that completes the panorama of the bay. This small island, “colonized” by the man only at the end of ʻ 700 on the initiative of the Bertoleoni family, on the end of the ʻ 800 was even recognized as an independent kingdom. For more information visit the website of Marine protected Area of Tavolara