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Immagine Cala Brandinchi


If you reach Cala Brandinchi by car or motorbike, you can park at the parking of I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi just a few meters walk by the beach.

There are two areas to park, one in the south of the beach that allows you to reach the South Cape of Cala Brandinchi and the north of Lu Impostu, the other that allows you to access the northern part of Cala Brandinchi. In the latter, there are the bar and the umbrellas of I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi.

In Both areas there are parking spaces reserved for disabled people and pregnant women close to the entrance to reach the beach.


The bar of I Giardini is located in the north side of the beach and offers a range of services to best enjoy the day.

In the morning it is possible to have breakfast with croissants and a good coffee and at lunch offers a wide choice of food such as sandwiches, salads, pasta, rice salads and more. Moreover, under the pine forest near the bar, there are some free tables available for those who want to picnic.

Umbrellas and Sunbeds

At I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. I Giardini di Cala Brandinchi are divided into two areas, one consisting of a green lawn innermost and isolated and the other is a strip of sand in the back of the beach.

You can book calling the following number +393206196115.



In the area of I Giardini there are showers available to the bathers. There are some reserved for free to those who rented the umbrella, while others for a fee are available to all.